How Good A Writer Am I?

It’s a question every writer or would-be writer asks themselves, unless they are supremely confident in their abilities, in which case the answer is probably ‘not as good as you think you are’.

It’s a question that has been weighing heavily on my mind recently, for the reason that I am now well into the process of editing my first (completed) novel, which means that the day is coming when it will have to be sent out into the wild, to be read by the general public.

What reaction will it get? Will it get any at all? People who have read my work have sometimes been enthusiastic about it, but against that these have tended to be people who actually know me, and are therefore likely to be disposed to be kind.

Excerpts from the novel (and some other stories) have been posted up for some months on the Inkitt site, where they have garnered very little attention; just over a hundred reads, only one review, and no comments at all. I don’t know if this is just because not many people read things on Inkitt, or because my work isn’t suitable for the audience there or … because it’s isn’t very good.

If anybody wants to read some of them and express an opinion I would be very grateful, but you’d better hurry: the novel is in preparation, and the excerpts therefrom will fairly soon be taken down from public view.

Meanwhile the question of how good a writer I am remains moot. I daresay that I will find out one way or another. I’m not expecting Aiella to be a runaway best-seller or a word-of-mouth sensation. If some people like it, I am willing to call that a success. We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “How Good A Writer Am I?

  1. I feel the same way. Sadly, I feel like I’m a horrible writer and I don’t know why I’m still writing. I love to write, but I’m so bad at it 😦


  2. I’ve read a couple of your pieces on Inkitt, such as The Queen and the Hermit, and I liked them! I don’t know much about Inkitt, but I’m going to guess and say it’s probably inundated with writers, making it very hard for anyone to get noticed. Perhaps commenting on lots of other members’ work will encourage them to visit you in return?

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    • Inkitt changed their strapline a while ago to ‘The Hipster’s Library’, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. The bulk of the stuff posted there seems to be romance (with a capital R) so I don’t think its my natural habitat, really. Still, it’s free and readers don’t have to sign in, which is why I chose it in the first place.


  3. Well, you know my opinion, but I also, at this point, fall into the people who know you category…But I didn’t always! And you know I am entirely honest.

    Also WHOO HOO! This is VERY exciting!

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