Not Dead

But not very alive, either. I have not been at all well, either mentally or physically, recently, and to say this has stopped the writing is an understatement. It seems pointless and irrelevant at the moment, and never likely to lead to anything. Yes, technically I have a book written, if not absolutely finished. But I can summon up no enthusiasm for it, and, it seems by the lack of feedback I have had, neither can anyone else.

I daresay this too will pass, and eventually something will fire my enthusiasm again, but for now it is, if you will pardon the pun, shelved.


Ending or Beginning?

Excuse me while I ramble a bit.

My writing of the Aiella novel, provisionally and imaginatively titled Aiella, has reached the point where it is apparently substantially complete (at 144,000 words), and has been revised and edited as best as I can, and is on the point of being released to beta readers (a topic I will return to in a later post).

But. I use the word apparently above because I am not entirely happy with the ending … so I began writing an additional chapter, following on. But from the moment I began writing it I was plagued by doubt … was this really the story for the final chapter, or was it the opening chapter of the next book?

This doubt has, inevitably, bled into the writing. If it is Chapter 15 of Aiella, then it ought be written like that, with the tone and style of an ending, but if it is in fact Chapter One of a whole new book, (which I do have a vague storyline for) then the writing would be different. More openy, and less endy. But since I can’t make up my mind, it is hampering things, and making it strained and stilted. For one thing, the end of the story would perhaps need to happen at a different point, depending which it was.

I’m inclined to think it works better as an opener, as it is a bit static and descriptive, but that leaves the problem of the slightly flat ending to the novel unsolved.

So … I don’t know. I thought perhaps if I wrote the problem down and rambled about it a bit it might clarify matters, but maybe not.


OK, ramble over. Please return to your normal Thursdays.