Not Dead

But not very alive, either. I have not been at all well, either mentally or physically, recently, and to say this has stopped the writing is an understatement. It seems pointless and irrelevant at the moment, and never likely to lead to anything. Yes, technically I have a book written, if not absolutely finished. But I can summon up no enthusiasm for it, and, it seems by the lack of feedback I have had, neither can anyone else.

I daresay this too will pass, and eventually something will fire my enthusiasm again, but for now it is, if you will pardon the pun, shelved.


3 thoughts on “Not Dead

  1. Jon. I am so sorry to hear this. I’ve had periods of feeling rotten –physically and mentally — so I can really empathise . It’s tough to keep going in the circumstances. I am guilty of being very bad at giving feedback so please accept my apologies for that — it is no reflection on you, but more about me (some days it is all I can manage to get through the day). But I love your stuff and the great sense of fun that is always bubbling just below the surface in your writing. I hope life doesn’t stomp on that for too much longer, and that you are soon back to your fruity effervescing self.

    In the meantime, my advice for what it’s worth (and that probably isn’t much) is that it you feel like writing at the moment, write what gives YOU pleasure. It may turn out to be nothing you can work with later (or it may be gold) but either way, it may help you get back to the pleasures of writing. It might help you to feel better too.


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  2. I’d just dragged my miserable self onto Twitter to “get back on the horse” after a trying week and saw you’d posted. I pounced upon it, thinking there’d be something to make me smile. I could have ducked posted but honestly Jon, I love your work, I posted only 1 review because until I can offer you 5 stars instead of the already given 4, I have nothing better to say about it (and you know from goodreads, I rarely even give 4 for anything). Nor am I just “nice”, although I am, but never about writing. My polite is 3 …

    I hope that your not being well physically is/has turned a corner and that the mental well-being will follow. It’s crap and I’ve no doubt it is impacting onto your feelings about your work. Chin up, keep writing, keep making us smile. You’ve got this, or you will again soon.

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