Writing Update

Well, all the edits are in, and the storyline changed. I think it’s better this way round. It took some editing around to get Aiella’s backstory cemented in its new place, to make sure everything that needs to be mentioned is mentioned at the correct juncture, and also to make sure that, now that the Big Reveal is near the end, I don’t give away the goods too soon. And, to improve the narrative flow, I expanded the trigger story (in-joke) somewhat, so it can stand on its own a little better.

So, now what? Well … so far two beta readers have complained about the seven-year gap in the storyline, and suggested I fill it with a new story. This is an attractive idea, but … the book as it stands is 300 pages and 145,000 words long. Add much more and it will have to be split into two books … and the way the stories are set up now, there isn’t an obvious split point. So I’d probably have to write another story, to provide that split point … and is this ever going to end? At some point I’m going to have to cry FINISHED!, and then decide what the hell to do with it.

Not to mention there is the sequel to work on, and what about my other project, the comic fantasy, stuck in plot hell for nearly two years now? Eep.

Anyway, I have also been reciprocally beta reading, and much to my relief all four books (by three different authors) have been well-written and entertaining, even if historical romance and grimdark SF are a bit out of my usual field. I hope I have been able to contribute something to the development of the books in question. I will publicise them all when they are published!

How’s your writing going?


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